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'Derry Girls' Branding Package

Mixing humor, Hijinx, and an all around 90's Norther Ireland Time Capsule, the hit Netflix show 'Derry Girls' focuses on a group of teenage girls in Derry, living through the troubles while also navigating growing up. 

Through creating a brand identity, I wanted to keep the playful and youthful intentions clear throughout the brand, while sprinkling in historical parts of the reality of what people were facing through old newspapers.


Title Sequence

The first challenge of this project was the title sequence, which started out much darker with more newspapers, highlighting the atrocities happening throughout Northern Ireland at the time. As I progressed through this project, I decided It should have a lighter tone, focusing more on the idea of it being a teenage girls wall or desk with items thrown across. 

The song choice, "Dream" by The Cranberries felt like a fit for this piece, as it holds a crucial point of the show, being used at different points throughout the shows run.

Original Pitch Deck


Another challenge was figuring out how to bring the style of the title sequence, into the rest of the branding, specifically the social media aspect. Zooming into the content of the show helped to create a secondary movement from the scene, without also taking away from the very dry humor the show extrudes. 

The styling of the package has a very specific stop motion look and feel to it, all created using an adjustment layer to make sure there was consistency throughout the entire package.

Instagram Post

Netflix Banner

Production Timeline:

october derrygirls.png
november derrygirls.png
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