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'The Performer'

For my senior thesis project, I have been in production on a piece called 'The Performer'.


What started as a pure film-based project, evolved as I completed my time in school. I moved to a projection-based project, interchangeable between both screen and projection. For this project, I also had to dig into my dance training, which has been a few years since I danced. 

This process went over the length of my final year at SCAD, going through many trials and errors along the way.

Version for Screen and Projection


I approached this project as a producer, working out my timeline and gaging the time and skills needed for the entire project. I was anticipating when I knew there would be changes afoot and adjusted the plan accordingly to maximize the payout of these changes.


During this process, the footage went through several changes, including slight compression, to help include traditional alternative tools to create the desired look at hand. As I continued to layer and time out the different sections, I ran into the issue of the composition darkening, and my desired outcome needed no expectations throughout this creative process.

Version 1 Footage Layered.

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